Singing Siren


Whenever I’m watching a period piece and there’s a nightclub scene, I always love to see the singer in the background. It’s always some fabulous woman in a fabulous dress whose entire function in the scene is to sing a jazzy song and look amazing.  This is a little tribute to that character type. 🙂

Midnight Flowers


My wonderful parents got my sister and me some flowers for a small accomplishment we had at work a while back. This little sprig fell off the bouquet, and we put it in water at the kitchen windowsill. I knew I wanted to paint them and kept putting it off, but when I saw the yellow against the dark blue of the sky outside late one night, I couldn’t wait any longer. 🙂

“Good Afternoon, Sweetheart”


Another sketch from How to Marry a Millionaire, this time of one of my favorite costumes from the movie. This is from a scene where one of the main love interests has a private fashion show (in which a rather irritated Lauren Bacall is a model). This is a concept that always amazes me when I watch old movies. A whole fashion show, with models and everything, just for one person? Be still my beating heart.

Downton Dames


Downton Abbey has been the cure to my winter doldrums for many a year, and I’m really loving the 1920s fashions from the last few seasons. Edith’s bohemian wardrobe and her glamorous career as a magazine editor are especially fabulous this season. I’m so glad she’s finally making some good choices (professionally, personally, and sartorially). I’ve been rooting for that girl since 1912. I don’t know what I’m gonna do when this show is over in a few weeks…

I sketched these both out in watercolor pencil instead of my usual ink. It was definitely a stretch outside of my comfort zone, but I’m enjoying some variety in my technique and learning new ways to create shapes.

These pictures were outfit references.

What a Way to Go!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

What a Way to Go! is such a weird/amazing movie. It’s got a star-studded cast (Shirley MacLaine, Dick Van Dyke, Gene Kelly, Paul Newman, and more), and awesome, ridiculous costumes by Edith Head. There are so many fantastic get-ups in the movie, but I think my favorite has to be the floor-length pink fur coat and pink beehive (not pictured: pink rabbit).