Stripey Strawberry Strainer


Some days in life are tough. Really tough. Other days, you find yourself standing in front of your open kitchen window, with a nice breeze coming in, wearing a striped shirt and rinsing off a strainer full of beautiful strawberries. You’ve got to commemorate days like that, and a little watercolor painting is as good a way as any. πŸ™‚

This one is a little simple, but this month Charlie and my pals in the Doodlewash community are organizing a #doodlewashdinner , dedicated to illustrating delicious food and drinks! I’ve been wanting to tackle some food illustrations for a while, so keep an eye open for some more meals during the month of May!

19 thoughts on “Stripey Strawberry Strainer”

    1. I’m so glad this made you smile, Sharon! This was definitely one of those simple, beautiful moments that I had to capture. It’s so amazing that we get to do that with ordinary things, isn’t it?

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