Inky Emma


The lovely Birgit Winter mentioned Pitt artist pens in a recent discussion about go-to art supplies, and I got curious and started researching. Then, out of the blue, my family surprised me with a package of them! This is the first piece I did to experiment with them, a little character design of Jane Austen’s heroine Emma Woodhouse. I am head over heels in love with them and the different thicknesses of lines that they produce. Can’t wait to continue playing with them.

Thanks to Birgit for the recommendation and to my folks for the surprise! Art supplies are the way to this girl’s heart. ❤

13 thoughts on “Inky Emma”

  1. Oh, I love my Pitt artist pens! Did you get the set of 8? My favorite is the SB. I love them all. The first time I used one I was like, “Wow…ink heaven!” Your drawing is very clever, quite a good image of Emma, I say.

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    1. Thanks a bunch! I have the set of 4, with S, F, M, and B. Is the SB large like the B is? I love the thick lines from that one. “Ink heaven” is a great description, they’re all gorgeous. 🙂


  2. Great work with the new pens. What a cleaver family you have, I have to give mine very pointed instructions before they buy me set supplies, but they are very good when I do. Your Emma has all her spark and spunk, love a bit of Austen. Karen.

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  3. Oh I do love the way you’ve illustrated Emma! Your style is quite inspiring – so full of energy and character. How lovely of your family to give you such an awesome gift! ^_^

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