Coming Soon: World Watercolor Month!

Hello, all!

This is a quick update to let you know about something big that’s taking place in just a few days…


I have enjoyed participating in themed watercolor months this year with a lovely community of WordPress artists, but this one takes the cake. I am so excited to celebrate the medium of watercolor in the first ever official World Watercolor Month, and to bring awareness and support to the Dreaming Zebra Foundation, which brings art supplies and education to children in school. Check out the World Watercolor Month website HERE and the Dreaming Zebra Foundation website HERE for more details about how to get involved, and keep an eye out here for even more watercolor-themed fun in the month of July!

❤ Annie

Throwback #NatureDoodlewash


This #naturedoodlewash is from over a year ago (when I had just seen the live-action Cinderella for the first time), but I thought I’d post it to celebrate the official end of spring. I painted this to record all of the beautiful flowers that had popped up in our garden over the spring, and this year has been just the same. As we head into summer, I’m hoping our garden will continue to thrive.

A Family of Mice


Today’s #naturedoodlewash is an attempt to put a cute spin on some local wildlife… 😉

We have had some mice looking for shelter in the walls of our house, and it is pretty distressing. I never thought I would be a person who was afraid of mice, but when a particularly bold little guy decided to venture out into the open and run under my feet (nearly getting himself squished)… let’s just say I had to rethink my stance.

This drawing is a coping mechanism for my mouse fear. It helps to imagine them as sweet, bespectacled creatures like in Beatrix Potter’s books. Although that strategy might backfire on me when the exterminator comes…

Birds for #NatureDoodleWash!


I’m a little late to the party here, but Charlie of Doodlewash has challenged WordPress artists to share nature-related sketches in the month of June! Keep an eye out for more nature sketches from me as I explore the outdoors this month.

Whenever I’m a little unsure of what to draw, I always come back to birds. Not sure why, but they’re always fun to paint, no matter their shape or size. 🙂

“Everybody’s Got a Baby Kangaroo”

kangaroo flapper

(“Yours is pink, but mine is blue”)

So here’s a long story that will eventually come back around to why this flapper has a baby kangaroo.

I really love the works of Agatha Christie, and I’ve been slowly working through a wonderful book called Curtain Up: Agatha Christie: A Life in the Theatre by Julius Green, about Christie’s work as a playwright. This book has an excerpt from one of Christie’s early, unpublished plays in the 1920s, in which a young lady briefly mentions having a baby kangaroo as a pet. This image stuck with me, and so when I next got the urge to draw a flapper (an urge I get often), I thought, “You know what would make this picture better? A kangaroo.”

Visiting the Parthenon


Happy June, everyone! As we move toward summer, I have a few urban sketches from my recent travels to share with you all! This is the first proper urban sketch that I’ve attempted, and I loved it. Keep an eye out for more in the coming weeks.

A few weeks ago, my family and I traveled to Nashville, Tennessee. We heartily enjoyed exploring the beautiful Centennial Park (and I enjoyed sketching several locations there). The park was founded in 1897 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Tennessee’s admission into the United States. This replica of the Parthenon was part of the Centennial Exhibition, to pay homage to Nashville’s reputation as “The Athens of the South.” It was originally intended to be a temporary structure, but it became so popular that the city decided to leave it standing as the centerpiece of the park.

On the green in front of the Parthenon are a couple scattered picnic tables. My mom (left), my sister (right), and I walked out to one of these tables, and I got to sit and sketch while we chatted. I was sitting behind them, so they didn’t know that they were part of the picture until it was finished. 😛 It was a beautiful, cool day, perfect for walking around and enjoying the park.