A Family of Mice


Today’s #naturedoodlewash is an attempt to put a cute spin on some local wildlife… 😉

We have had some mice looking for shelter in the walls of our house, and it is pretty distressing. I never thought I would be a person who was afraid of mice, but when a particularly bold little guy decided to venture out into the open and run under my feet (nearly getting himself squished)… let’s just say I had to rethink my stance.

This drawing is a coping mechanism for my mouse fear. It helps to imagine them as sweet, bespectacled creatures like in Beatrix Potter’s books. Although that strategy might backfire on me when the exterminator comes…

15 thoughts on “A Family of Mice”

  1. Annie, I hope the critters are out of your home very soon! The ones you drew are much more adorable than the ones who invade our spaces – art is an amazing coping mechanism in many ways, isn’t it. Happy weekend to you!

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  2. Awww….these are so cute! I firmly believe in art as therapy for fears, etc. Anyway, I hope you can get rid of them before one dies in walls. We had something, not sure what it was that died in the wall between our daughter’s room and the bathroom. It was awful for weeks. Good luck!

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