Ladies of Shakespeare: Rosalind and Celia


Now go we in content / To liberty, and not to banishment.” – As You Like It, 1.3.545-6

Today’s Ladies of Shakespeare are Rosalind (left) and Celia (right), from As You Like It. A few years ago, I did a series of illustrations and costume concepts for As You Like It set in Depression-era Appalachia. The idea was to choose a time when there was a huge visual divide between wealth and poverty. I thought that this time period would show the radical change that Rosalind and Celia make to their lives, as well as capture the themes of adventure, resilience, and hope in the face of difficulty that are so central to the play. Plus, bluegrass music! 😛 I liked the concept, but didn’t like how the drawings turned out, so I recently decided to revisit it. Now I’m much happier with it. 🙂 This may be my favorite in the series so far!

(Also, I recently splurged and bought a second set of Pitt Artist Pens, this time in Sepia. This was the first piece I did with them, and I am IN LOVE with them)

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