Two Hundred + Tiles


This is something a little different that I’ve been doing lately. Something about doodling tiles is so meditative and relaxing. I’ve done some in different colors, but for some reason the black and white ones are my favorites. More to come soon!

(P.S. Hot dog, this is my 200th post on WordPress! Thanks for staying tuned!)

7 thoughts on “Two Hundred + Tiles”

  1. Black and white is such a classic! I don’t ever get bored of it.
    And congratulations on post no. 200! That is a lot of effort and time put into your blog 🙂
    P.S. What do you use to get such precise white lines? Is it a jelly roller?

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    1. Thanks, Caroline! 😀
      Yes, it’s a white Sakura Gelly Roll, well spotted! I’m still getting the hang of using it, it works best over super dark colors. For this one I made a big black ink square with a brush pen, let it dry, and then drew over it with the gel pen. 😀

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