And We’re Back

Chalk lettering by the brilliant Shelley Parsons, @imustnottalkinclass on Instagram!


Four years ago, I started this blog as a place to share my artwork. It’s weird to think of now, but at the time I was so nervous to share my drawings with anyone besides my family and close friends. I’d been drawing my whole life, but I didn’t see my work as anything serious. Through sharing posts and talking to other artists, I found something surprising: people liked my art. More than that, I learned that there was a whole world of opportunities for artists. I got to know amazing people who were creating professionally, and I began to think, “maybe I can do this, too…” 

In short, this blog helped me plug into a creative support network and gave me the push I needed to begin building an artistic career that I love. Big stuff. 🙂

Several shops, some online classes, and hundreds of Instagram and Facebook posts later, we’re back here, on the blog where it all began. Things are still a work in progress (so pardon the dust), but I’m so excited to revive the community that inspired me, and to exchange ideas with you wherever you are in your artistic journey.

Things will look a little different over here now, so let’s talk about some new goals for this space:

What the blog is

  • A forum for in-depth discussion. This is a space for us to learn together and dig deep. Here we can have a dialogue that won’t fit on a social media post or comment. We’re going to be covering art-related topics from lots of fun angles, and I’ll do my best to share what I’ve learned as thoroughly as possible.
  • A place to share tips and resources. In addition to creating original tutorials and articles, I’ll also be sharing my favorite art supplies, educational resources, and fun links.
  • A one-stop shop for all my projects around the internet. If you want to explore more of my artwork and process, the links on this blog will take you to my shops, online classes, and social media profiles.

What the blog isn’t

  • A place to see casual updates. Behind-the-scenes photos, Q&As, and random jokes will live on my social media accounts.
  • A place to see new artwork. While I’ll post some artwork over here, most of my finished pieces will be over on my Instagram page.
  • A promotional platform with a ton of ads. It’s important to me that you’re never bombarded with ads when you come into this space. I’ll share occasional updates about my projects, and affiliate links to art supplies that I love, but you’ll never have to wade through irrelevant or distracting ads to see good content.

Stay tuned for more updates, discussions, and tutorials! In the meantime, enjoy this Friday roundup of great art content to explore:

The Art Institute of Chicago’s searchable database of works in their collection has helped me learn so much about art history in the past few months.

Did you know that legendary illustrator Quentin Blake has a Twitter account? He does, and it’s a delight.

The Skillshare blog posted a thorough roundup of Things to Draw When You’re Out of Ideas. This post shares all kinds of art-block busters, from prompts to new techniques. My favorite is the section on copying and its powerful proper use.

If you tune in to our weekly livestreams on Instagram, you’ll know that I love painting to instrumental music. Spotify’s Cute Beats playlist has been my go-to for playful, relaxing music to help me focus.

ICYMI, I wrote a post last week for the Spoonflower blog all about creating pattern-friendly artwork for surface design. It covers some of my favorite subjects: art, design, and food. 🙂

Wishing you a fantastic weekend,