Through a lifetime of drawing and 5 years of educating professionally, I’ve found my love of breaking down art concepts in a fun, collaborative way. My goal as a teacher is to help you demystify design techniques, grow your love for making, and find creative processes that work for you.

Here are a few places around the internet where you can find my educational content:


In my Skillshare classroom, I’ll guide you through an art-related topic in 20-30 minute classes with actionable steps to follow as you complete a simple class project. As a Skillshare student, you’ll have access to a discussion board where we can discuss questions, and a project gallery where I can give you feedback on your work.

Instagram Live

Every Thursday from 8-9PM Eastern time, we draw and chat together live on my Instagram. We tackle a new art topic every week, including watercolor techniques, character design, and pattern-building. Whatever we’re drawing, it’s always a fun and casual hangout time.

Right here!

This blog is another place where I love to share in-depth art discussions and material that doesn’t fit in a class or livestream. Stay tuned here for more tutorials, prompts, thoughts, and questions!