My Sister the Botanist


My sister is taking a botany class this semester, and I drew this as a way to celebrate her pursuing what she loves. It has been really exciting to learn about various local plants from her hikes and field journals. She also loves alpacas, but apparently you can’t actually ride them in real life. Ah, the fantasy world of illustration. 🙂

Again playing around with a more simplistic character style here.

Pink Roses and Dr. Pepper


While we’re on the subject of “Favorite Things,” I ought to tell you that my favorite color is pink, hands-down. There’s something so unabashedly feminine about loving pink, and I embrace it in (almost) all of its shades and forms.

Last week, a sweet student of mine gave me a pink rose as a gift. I put it in a glass Dr. Pepper bottle in my kitchen windowsill and resolved to get a picture. Whenever someone gives me flowers, I like to do a little doodle of them as a way to preserve them. 🙂

Throwback #NatureDoodlewash


This #naturedoodlewash is from over a year ago (when I had just seen the live-action Cinderella for the first time), but I thought I’d post it to celebrate the official end of spring. I painted this to record all of the beautiful flowers that had popped up in our garden over the spring, and this year has been just the same. As we head into summer, I’m hoping our garden will continue to thrive.

Liebster Q&A!


Happy Friday, everyone! The wonderful Sissh of Sissh Art Journal has nominated me for a Liebster Award! The Liebster Award is a way to get to know other bloggers, discover new content with smaller followings, and to celebrate blogs that we love, so a huge thanks to Sissh for the honor! Along with the award are some fun questions that I am going to answer below. If you want to know about squirrel meat, P.G. Wodehouse, and awesome yet obscure people from history, continue after the jump:

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